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Tel Abib Farms is among the best producers of broiler meat-foods in Nigeria

Welcome to Tel Abib Farms

Tel Abib Farms is among the best producers of broiler meat within Nigeria, with continuous growth and advancement in all areas of our integrated operations leading to a perfection of producing safe and quality broiler meat and other chicken meat products.

About Us

Established in 2012, Tel Abib Farms is a privately owned farm, operating with modern poultry production/processing technology, as we rank amongst the best producers of broiler meat in the country.

The company is an employer of labor in Delta State, with a direct workforce of about 100, 10% of which are skilled-labor, comprising Veterinary Doctors, Animal Scientists, an Animal Nutritionist, an Agricultural Engineer, Managers, Marketers and Administrators.

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Pen Houses

Our pen houses are designed using state of the art automated technology ensuring best yields, biosecurity and good health of our birds. The houses are structured to meet global standards for poultry production giving utmost attention to hygiene, bird health and increased meat yields.

Feed Mill

Our Feed Mill is expertly managed to generate premium quality feeds through specially formulated poultry feed raw materials guaranteeing finished-products marked with exceptional quality evident in our flock agility and meat yields.

Processing Plant

This unit is equipped with a chicken processing line and consists of sections designed to adapt operations to global food safety and quality system standards. Some of such sections include: Slaughtering, Scalding, De-feathering, Evisceration, Packaging, Cutting, Grading and Packaging section.

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