About Us


To attain sustainable quality meat-food products.


To develop value-added chicken meat and products that are highly nourishing, economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally safe.

Company Overview

Established in 2012, Tel Abib Farms is a privately owned farm, operating with modern poultry production/processing technology, as we rank amongst the best producers of broiler meat in the country.

The company is an employer of labor in Delta State, with a direct workforce of about 100, 10% of which are skilled-labor, comprising Veterinary Doctors, Animal Scientists, an Animal Nutritionist, an Agricultural Engineer, Managers, Marketers and Administrators.

Tel Abib Farms in collaboration with consultants from the Poultry Association of Nigeria, introduced as part of its pursuit for employment generation, a scheme of farming; where a collection of poultry farmers are given broiler Day Old Chicks, Feeds, Vaccines and Drugs for development over a period of time, under certain agreed terms. These select farmers are called Out-growers.

Professionals including a Scheme Manager, Veterinarian and Animal Nutritionists are saddled with the responsibility of providing technical support to these Out-growers on a regular basis making necessary observations and changes in their operations.

The team certifies and recommends farms for participation in the out-grower scheme, monitor the activities and performances of these farmers, put in place logistics for culling and keep records of the accounts of farmers.

Farmers are encouraged to nurture broiler birds whilst ready market is put in place by the company.

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