Environment, Health & Safety

Environment, Health & Safety

Tel Abib Farms is committed to an environmentally friendly operation. We continuously seek risk reductions as well as opportunities to create a safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly workplace for our employees, customers and the community.

  • Tel Abib Farms is committed to Compliance with all relevant regional environmental, health, and safety legislation.
  • Tel Abib Farms’ processing facility operates with a written Environmental, Health, & Safety Management Program. This establishes procedures, programmes, and risk-aspect lists to ensure compliance and active prevention of injuries, incidents, and environmental pollution.
  • Tel Abib Farms is committed to active Training & Communicating of our Environmental Health & Safety policy, program, and procedures to all its employees.

At Tel Abib Farms, we ensure feasible targets are established and implemented for operations of the farm processing unit as to meet the following objectives:

  • Implementation of an Environmental, Health, & Safety Management Program
  • Drive continuous improvement via sustainability
  • Reduce recordable type injuries
  • Reduce the use of energy and improve efficiency of processing facilities
  • Reduce water consumption (reduce, reuse/recycle, or generate)
  • Reduce landfill type waste (reduce, reuse and recycle)

Sustainability Policy:

We produce healthy and nourishing Chicken meat and meat products with utmost considerations given to environmental safety. We are conscious of a clean and safe environment giving particular importance to the benefits on the part of our employees, customers and the community.